About Us

CE Health Interactive (CEHI) designs and executes innovative, compelling and interactive continuing medical education (CME) programs.

In the past 6 years, our engaging programs have educated 200k clinicians to improve patient care in cardiology, rheumatology, diabetes, psychology, oncology and other areas of medicine.

Our proprietary and award-winning MedExchange Live platform fosters communications among practitioners, caregivers and patients. We also identify proven solutions and technologies from other industries and use them to create novel education programs.

We Personalize Education

We proved that personalizing education increases engagement by 7x versus not personal education. We bought personal content distribution to CME using the Sequence Micro Targeted and Addressable Reading (SMART) system pioneered by Sequence Medical.

We increased physician engagement in CME programs by 7x by personalizing content distribution with the Sequence Micro Targeted and Addressable Reading (SMART) system pioneered by Sequence Medical. Our newest find, Zen™, personalizes and simplifies medical conferences. We incorporate into programs to create personal educational discovery.

Our Mission

Produce the best medical illustrations, animations, and medical text but our experience in medical writing and medical website design and development makes us excellent candidates for making your content available to those earning CME credits.

The CE Health Interactive Philosophy

We employ experienced photographers, illustrators, and animators who are skilled in incorporating multimedia into a website’s design.

The CE Health Interactive Promise

As a provider, you can be sure that the visual aids of a website always function properly for the CME course. Additionally, CE Health Interactive can make visual content available for quick and easy viewing and downloading.

We Deliver On Activities

CE Health Interactive houses a video recording and production studio with professional videographers who can compress medical videos and link them to the CME website in streaming format. The compression streaming eliminates waiting for downloads and features high quality images so that healthcare professionals can see exactly how a process works or how a procedure is performed.